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Exhibition November 16, 2018 − February 2, 2019
The mystery of things. Painted objects
Branch galleries Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art in Dusseldorf is a group exhibition “The Mystery of Things. Drawn objects "with the participation of fifty artists. Writing things - and their secrets - has an old visual historical tradition. The luxurious floral still lifes of Dutch artists hide subtle messages through the meanings attributed to plants and flowers; The artistic avant-garde of the 20th century was inspired by figures, masks and cult objects from Africa and Oceania. The artists of “Novaya Reality” made the “heroes” of their works small parts and imperceptible things that contained their own kind of poetry: a shell, a glass, a cactus or a frame. No object seemed too banal to hide a secret or magical charm.

The “painted objects” of the fifty exhibitors present materiality as the greatest common denominator. The pictures depict both tangible things, household items, and surrealistic forms and abstractions, written “perceptibly”. From classic still life to cubes and spots, the objects depicted turn into painting and reveal a whole series of paintings, each of which does not exceed the size of 50 x 40 cm.
1912, 51×39 cm
1951, 25×19.1 cm
All artworks at the exhibition