Rembrandt, Vermeer and the Golden Age of Holland. Masterpieces from the Leiden Collection and the Louvre

Exhibition February 14 − May 18, 2019
At the exhibition“Rembrandt, Vermeer and the Golden Age of Holland” in the Louvre, Abu Dhabi will feature 95 exhibits, taken mainly from the Leiden collection. They will be complemented by works from the Louvre in Paris, the National Library of France and the Rijksmuseum. The exhibition focuses on the outstanding works of Rembrandt, starting with his youth in Leiden and ending with a mature period in Amsterdam. In addition, you can see the work of Peter Lastman, Jan Livens, Ferdinand Bohl, Karel Fabricius and other masters.

A school will be presented in parallel. fijnschilders ("Exquisite artists"), which was popularized by Gerrit Dow and his student Frans van Miris the Elder in Leiden. Followers of this style are known for their carefully crafted scenes of everyday life. The main exhibits will be Dow's Self-Portrait with a Palette in a Niche and Van Miris's Woman at the Toilet from the Louvre.

Two wonderful canvases by Jan Vermeer - “The Girl behind the Virginia” and “The Lacemaker” - will also be there for the first time, emphasizing the recent discovery that these two paintings were painted on canvas cut from one roll.