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Exhibition March 27 − August 11
Van Gogh and Britain
Major Exhibition"Van Gogh and Britain" combines 45 works of the Dutch post-impressionist, to show his inspiration by the country and the influence on her artists. This is the largest collection of Dutch expressionist paintings in the UK in nearly a decade.

In London, you will see a number of iconic works by Van Gogh from major museums around the world, including "Shoes", "Starry Night over the Rhone", "Arlesianka" and rarely borrowed "Sunflowers" from the London National Gallery. Complement the exhibition works of Francis Bacon, David Bomberg, young artists, as well as John Constable and John Everett Millet.
November 1886, 38.1×45.3 cm
September 1888, 92×72.5 cm
All artworks at the exhibition