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Zinaida Serebriakova

Exhibition April 5 − July 30, 2017
5 APR 2017 Tretyakov gallery opens the most important project of the season a retrospective of works by Zinaida Serebryakova one of the first and most loved professional women artists. The need for a new exhibition of the best works Serebryakova became evident in the significant interest that caused the display of 2014 in the Tretyakov gallery — Russia's first entirely devoted to the foreign period of the artist.

On two floors of the Engineering building of the state Tretyakov gallery will be the most complete exhibition of works by Zinaida Serebryakova in the last 30 years. The last precedent when the entire exhibition space of the building was granted to one master - retrospective of Marc Chagall in the summer of 2012. The exhibition is accompanied album, which includes more than 220 paintings and drawings, as well as documentary photography.

The first large exhibition of Serebryakova was held at the Tretyakov gallery in 1986. Thank you critics, who felt that there is a need to introduce the works of the artist of a new generation of viewers. The exhibition will be a great gift for those who already knows and loves the works of Zinaida Serebryakova. A large number of works have gone through a tough curatorial selection: part of the upcoming exhibition includes only a reference key of the work.

The exhibition, arranged in the format of curatorial studies includes several sections: early works, portraits, peasant cycle, full-scale drawings of ballerinas, landscapes, sketches for murals of the Kazan railway station in Moscow, the works of the Paris period, a panel of Belgian and Moroccan series. The emphasis in the exhibition on the prolific Russian period of creativity Serebryakova, when was created the most important and iconic works. All the most famous works of the Russian period will be placed on the third floor of the Engineering building, on the second works made in exile – in France, Italy, Belgium and Morocco.In

The exhibition reveals a new face of the Paris period Zinaida Serebryakova. Portraits and landscapes, brought to the exhibition from French collections, first shown to the Russian audience. More than half of his life, starting in 1924, Serebriakova lived in France. At first, the circle portrayed individuals were predominantly Russian, in exile, and her familiar life in St. Petersburg. The exhibition will feature landscapes in the French Riviera, in Provence, Brittany, as well as in Switzerland and Italy.

For the first time, the Moscow audience will be presented a decorative panel made for the Belgian Villa of the Baron de Brower. This order was the first and only biography Serebryakova implemented project in interior design. The hall was built on the combination of horizontal and vertical panels with allegorical figures of the girls, and two sopraportas with image maps. Panels considered lost during the Second world war, has been preserved and in 2007 was first shown in Russia.