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Louis-Leopold Bauy (1761 - 1845) and his work are little known in Britain. The curators of two museums at once - the Wallace Collection and the National Gallery in London - decided to rectify the situation and present the work of this interesting artist to the general public.

English collector Sir Richard Wallace owned fifteen paintings by Bolyi, but now there are only three of his names left in the museum. These detailed and humorous scenes of the family life of the Parisian bourgeoisie have now become “heroes” of a special show. "Boyi in the center of attention".

Louis-Leopold Bauy witnessed the overthrow of the French monarchy, the revolutionary period and the rise of Napoleon. Until 1800, he wrote mostly works on moral, sentimental and love plots. In general, the artist has created more than 2,500 works, including about 1,050 paintings, 735 portraits, 354 engravings and 560 drawings. After 1820, his career began to decline under the pressure of new movements, such as romanticism. In 1829, Baui sold his collection, which included, among others, a number of paintings of the Dutch Golden Age genre. He died in 1845.
End XVIII centuries, 40×31.2 cm
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