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Arnold Weiss-Kubinchan. Suitcase from USA

Exhibition April 11 − September 8, 2019
The Slovak National Gallery, as a gift from private collectors from the USA, received a huge number of works by Arnold Weiss-Kubinchen, mostly on paper. This is a rare opportunity to supplement the collection of the institution with new works of the artist, created in the 1920s-1940s: paintings, drawings, sketches, albums and clippings from periodicals. As a result of the acquisition of this "Suitcase from the USA", full of artwork, which was saved after World War II and re-discovered, you can learn more about the work of Weiss-Kubinchan, as well as about his tragic fate during the war.

Arnold Peter Weiss-Kubinchan (1898 - 1944) was born into a Jewish family in Prussia. From 1913 to 1917 he studied sculpture at the School of Decorative and Applied Arts in Budapest, after the war he continued his studies in Berlin, most likely in a private academy. There, in the 1920s, he could get close to expressionists that matched his artistic character. Weiss-Kubinchan is a unique figure from the point of view of our modern painting and graphics, largely due to its mysticism.