"Modern ports and historic Turner: a journey in time"

Exhibition May 14 − April 3, 2017
In an unusual perspective presented the works of the greatest British landscape painter of the nineteenth century William Turner the curators of the Museum, "Frick Collection". In the centre of the exhibition "Modern ports and historic Turner: a journey in time" — two paintings, a hundred years have never left the walls of the gallery. In addition to these, from London arrived an unfinished canvas with the image of the harbour at Brest. Recent studies have shown that these three works were conceived as a single series.

In addition to this trio in the halls of the Museum presents 35 works in oils and watercolors depicting cities of England, France and Germany in the early nineteenth century, as well as imaginary harbours of the ancient world.

Two monumental paintings — "the Port of Dieppe. The mooring" (1825) and "Cologne the arrival of the steamer. Evening" (1826) — acquired more than a hundred years ago, Museum founder Henry clay Frick. Since then they have never left the gallery and never was the center of the exhibitions, despite the fact that mark turning points in the artist's career. Now the curators have combined these two masterpieces with unfinished painting "the Harbour of Brest: the quay wall and the castle" (1828), which is specially for the exhibition had in London.

Detailed description of the exhibition read in our material.

Title illustration: Three major paintings exhibition "Modern and ancient ports of Turner: a journey through time" in the room "of the Frick Collection". Photo: Michael Bodycomb