Masterpieces of watercolor and graphics artists XV-XX centuries

Exhibition February 23 − March 31, 2019
A unique exhibition is held in the museum and exhibition complex of Sergey Andriaka's watercolor school.“Masterpieces of watercolor and graphics by Western European artists of the 15th-20th centuries” from the collection of A. G. Egorov.

The exhibition presents more than two hundred unique works relating to different types, genres and areas of fine art.

The wide temporal and geographic range of the exhibition provides an opportunity to see the works of the largest centers of Western European culture. The exhibition includes masterpieces of great masters, among them: W. Turner, A. Dürer, I. Bosch, P. Bruegel the Elder, Rembrandt, G. Klimt, A. Mucha, E. Warhol.

The collection includes the most prominent representatives of Italian art: the Carracci brothers, S. della Bell, engravings from works by Raphael and Michelangelo.

Architectural graphics are also extensively presented: J. Piranesi, J. Wazi, L. Rossini, and others. Watercolor landscapes and portraits of 19th century Italian masters - E. Rossi, J. Gigante, J. Prosochochi, L. Havelini and other

The art of France is shown unusually widely at the exhibition. From the elegant Rococo style, which is reflected in the works of F. Bush, O. Fragonard, J.-B. Dreams, to prominent representatives of impressionism originated in the second half of the XIX century - E. Manet, O. Renoir.

The exhibition also demonstrates the works of famous Spanish artists of the 20th century: S. Dali, P. Picasso, J. Miro.