Exhibition Salvador Dali "Alice in Wonderland"

Exhibition March 24 − April 23, 2017
Exhibition in "Gallery Altmans" got its name "Alice in Wonderland" because most of the works in the exhibition devoted to the work of the same name by Lewis Carroll. The exhibition dedicated to the 185th anniversary of the birth of the cult writer. Drawings for the exhibition was provided by the international gallery MAISON D'ART in Monte-Carlo; some of them for the first time exhibited in Russia.

In 1969, a classic of Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali created 12 lithography and one etching in explanation of the surreal plot of the book "Alice in Wonderland". A significant part of the entire series by Salvador Dali became the very image of Alice. Reflecting the twists and turns of the storyline, devoting every engraving one of the chapters, Gave saves Alice as the Central image that binds together the entire series. Alice is like "jumps" from picture to picture, getting further and further, deep into their imaginations and taking away in the midst of the world of readers. And each print, the artist persistently pursues her silhouette casting a contrasting shadow, recognizable characters and the author's leitmotifs.

In addition to engravings, etchings, and sculptures for "Alice in Wonderland", the exhibition also includes original artwork by Salvador Dali from the series "Tarot Cards". Dali created a series of "Tarot Cards" influenced by the classic symbols of the Tarot and his own vision of the mysteries of consciousness and the universe. Each card is a picture in the gallery of the artist's works and is an intricate collage. Most cards of the deck adorns the signature Dali.

The series of drawings "Tarot Cards" became the prototype for "Tarot Card Lyle Stuart", released eight years later. Despite the fact that the artist was far from occultism and magic, believing himself to be the Creator of your own life when the creators of the next episode of the adventures of James bond, soon to be released in 1973, invited Salvador Dali to draw a Tarot card, he said Yes. Under the scenario, the cards drawn were Given, was supposed to appear in the frame when agent 007 with Oracle. But completely surrendering to the work on the deck, Salvador Dali and missed deadlines of their work, and cards for the film was created by Fergus Hall.

Illustration and photo: Altmans Gallery