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Creative impulse: the work of Robert Johnson and E. Nix

Exhibition February 7 − April 14, 2019
The rarely exhibited works by Chicago artists Robert Johnson and E. Nix are at the same time unusual, complex and filled with moments of beautiful beauty. Despite the fact that each artist works in different environments — Johnson is best known for his reversible glass paintings on discarded windows, and the Nix is engaged in blacksmithing — their art is also based on personal struggles and their daily efforts to overcome injuries and dependence. Johnson and Nix have loyal fans among predominantly African American collectors in Chicago, but they are mostly unknown outside of these circles.

Although none of the artists ’work is not related to their biographies, the problems that Johnson and Knicks face determine their art. As a result, art is beautiful, sad, even scary. Despite their strength, these works remain largely invisible to the public, providing Intuit with the opportunity to promote talented but forgotten artists again, especially at a time when terms such as "folk art" and "outsiders' art" are being revised.