Janat Koshen. Dialogue through the ages

Exhibition 1 − March 29, 2019
.In the State Museum of Art of Kazakhstan. A. Kasteev is holding a personal exhibition of Zhanat KoshenDialogue through the ages". The exhibition includes over 50 paintings and graphic works of the artist. These are paintings painted in national style, genre and subject compositions, still lifes, portraits and landscapes. Painting and graphic works are made in different artistic styles and techniques, but the artist prefers gratography and color graphics. Colorful works created based on the ancient Eastern legends and tales. Studying and rethinking the cultural heritage of the East and the West, the artist enters into a “visual” dialogue in time.

Janat Koshen was born in Karaganda. She graduated from the Almaty Art School. Gogol, Almaty State Theater and Art Institute. Member of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, participant of youth, regional and foreign exhibitions. Her works are in various galleries and in private collections abroad.