Abdukarim Isa. Tiger calligraphy. Stages of creativity

Exhibition 7 − March 31, 2019
In the State Museum of Art of Kazakhstan. A. Kasteev is holding a personal exhibition of the famous contemporary Uygur artist Abdukarim Isa “Tiger calligraphy. Stages of creativity”, Dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the master. The exhibition presents more than 60 paintings of different years. Abdukarim Isa is known in Kazakhstan and Uygur art as the author of the so-called “tiger calligraphy”. This is a special artistic style developed by him, which harmoniously integrates the ancient zoomorphic figurative symbolism of the East and modern expressive expression.

Abdukarim Isa was born in 1949 in Kashgar, China, by nationality - Uygur. Lives and works in the Republic of Kazakhstan. He graduated from the Almaty Art College named. Gogol and the State Theater and Art Institute. Zhurgenov. Member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan. In 2005, Abdukarim Ise was awarded the Gold Medal in the category "Painting" at the international exhibition "World of Culture and Art" (France, Cannes).