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"The needle fairy pattern": computer embroidery Olga Lisovskaya

Exhibition 4 − March 30, 2015
The history of embroidery has no Millennium at all times she valued very highly. Historically she wore primarily decorative in nature. Modern machine embroidery has kept this property.
Machine embroidery appeared in the middle of the XIX century, recently, considering how much before that people embroidered manually. The quality and beauty do not suffer from the fact that the embroidery machine deals, and not man. On the contrary: machine embroidery is often neater, tidier, just like the printed book easier to read than handwritten. But don't underestimate the role of man in the process. The work of the designer machinery exhibition is difficult to overestimate: selection of materials and embroidery, control of the work machine. The skill of the designer depends on the overall appearance of embroidery, no problems in its production and final quality embroidered product.
For Olga Lisovskaya since childhood craft was the main hobby in life. Started with knitting and crochet, and later added bead weaving and embroidery. Further courses were sewing, and then the purchase of computer embroidery machines. "I don't have and had no problems, what to wear, not to find a "twin" or what to give - exclusive than embroidery, gift simply to find!",- says Olga. Olga Lisovskaya is the winner of various competitions machine embroidery mistress owns such unusual techniques like "stitching photo" and "sfumato". The process of such embroidery activates creative, lateral thinking, develops artistic taste and resembles the work of an artist who gets colored brush strokes on a canvas and color mixes. Such pictures do not look embroidered, they are illusory close to the picturesque and graphic works.
The exhibition presents 80 works in different techniques. You will see embroidered portraits of your favorite artists, embroidery on famous works of art, as well as lots of ideas for the use of embroidery in modern life.
The exhibition will run from 4.03.2015 on 30.03.2015.
The Grand opening will be held in 04.03 16-00 hours.

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