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Exhibition April 6 − July 8, 2019
Oscar Kokoschka Expressionist, migrant, european
The Leopold Museum in Vienna this spring opens one of the most complete to date retrospective of Oscar Kokoschka (1886–1980), which was once called the “main wild” among artists. About 260 exhibits“Oscar Kokoshka. Expressionist, migrant, European " include the iconic works of the painter from international collections, as well as works that were rarely or never shown before. So curators trace all periods of his work in cities such as Vienna, Dresden, Prague, London and, finally, Villeneuve.

Oskar Kokoshka, whose biography reflects the history of the 20th century, is presented as a radical innovator and “multitalant” - an artist, draftsman, creator of printed graphic works, a writer, playwright and theatrical figure. Another emphasis is placed on his ambivalent perception of women - from the battle of the sexes to the figure of the mother-peacemaker.
1941, 61×76 cm
1909, 72×108 cm
All artworks at the exhibition