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"Elena Kiselyov. Shine, oblivion and return to the light"

Exhibition March 24 − May 21, 2017
In the Voronezh art Museum. I. N. Archaeology exhibition a native of Voronezh, artist of world renown Elena Kiseleva. The exhibition includes 43 paintings and graphic works created by the artist in different periods of creativity.

After a successful show at the Metropolitan Museum of Russian impressionism the exhibition was brought to Voronezh. Recall that a special place in the work of Elena Kiseleva take portraits. The artist managed to skillfully convey the psychological state of his models, to create around them a story, reflecting their way of life. In addition, visitors to the exhibition will get acquainted with the genre works by Elena Kiseleva, a favorite student of Ilya Repin.

At some point the name Elena Kiseleva Russia was almost forgotten. A leading role in uncovering the biographical circumstances and the study of the creative heritage Kiseleva played a senior researcher at the Voronezh art Museum Margarita Luneva. Her research and correspondence with the artist has helped to clarify the history of the creation of a number of works, and its publication still remains the most exhaustive source in the study of creativity Elena Kiseleva.