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Exhibition May 26 − September 8
Mane and modern beauty
The exhibition of the Chicago Institute of Art "Manet and modern beauty" is devoted to the study of the transformation of the style of the artist in his later years.

By the end of the 1870s, Edouard Manet became a recognized artist of modern life. He increasingly immersed himself in the present - ultimately offering a radically new combination of modern art with fashionable femininity.

The exhibition brings together an impressive collection of portraits of favorite actresses and models, bourgeois women, as well as close male friends. Among them are two striking pictures, one of which is a young model actress Jeanne Demarcy, and the other is his friend Mary Laurent.

Complementing this exhibition are rare letters that Manet wrote to his friends, with exquisite illustrations of fruits and flowers; garden paintings, which often depict elegantly dressed women; and the exploration of flowers - Man’s favorite subjects at the end of his life.
1881, 74×51.5 cm
1882, 73×51 cm
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