Mysterious landscapes of Hercules Segers

Exhibition February 13 − May 21, 2017
New York's Metropolitan Museum, together with The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam  presents its visitors with an exhibition of a 17th century Flemish painter and engraver Hercules Segers "The mysterious landscapes of Hercules Segers".
A talented painter Hercules Segers is widely known throughout the world. His landscapes in colour etching stagger imagination being different from the paintings of his Flemish contemporaries.
Segers painted his prints, not wishing to leave them black and white, he added extra lines, dots and strokes to create his own unique style. He was the beloved painter of Rembrandt, who even borrowed his "Tobias and the angel" for his painting "The Flight into Egypt".
Landscapes and still lifes by Segers look like belonging to another era — they were the harbingers of the coming romanticism in the XIX century. The originality of the works of Hercules Segers, his mystique and in a way otherworldly atmosphere attracts connoisseurs from all over the world.
it is for the first time that such a large collection of works by Segers is exhibited in the USA, revealing to the audience the door to a vast world of miniature painting and printmaking.

The genius of the forgotten master Hercules Segers