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Epic Abstraction: From Pollock to Herrera

Exhibition December 17, 2018 − December 31, 2019
Metropolitan Museum presents an exhibition "Epic Abstraction: From Pollock to Herrera".

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see more than 50 exhibits from the Metropolitan Museum collection: painting, sculpture, assemblages. Religious works, such as the classic Jackson Pollock painting Autumn rhythm (1950) and Louise Nevelson's monumental palace Mrs. N (1964–77), are presented in dialogue with works by international artists such as the Japanese artist Kazuo Siraga and the Hungarian artist Ilona Kesheryu. . The exhibition is accentuated by special borrowing of major works by artists such as Helen Frankentaler, Carmen Herrera, Joan Snyder and Cy Twombly.

After the unprecedented destruction and death of people during the Second World War, many painters and sculptors who worked in the 1940s began to believe that traditional easel painting and figurative sculpture no longer adequately reflect the human condition. In this context, many artists, including Barnett Newman, Pollock and others associated with the so-called New York school, were convinced that abstract styles - often on a large scale - most significantly cause modern states of being.

Based on the materials of the official site Metropolitan Museum.