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American watercolors in the age of Homer and Sargent

Exhibition March 1 − May 14, 2017
An extraordinary collection of watercolors by American painters has provided connoisseurs Philadelphia Museum of art.
The exhibition will see the history of the growth of interest in watercolor painting among the leading artists of the United States in the 1860-ies, its development in a unique American environment in the second half of the IX and the first few decades of the twentieth centuries.
The event is especially valuable in view of the fact that watercolors are very fragile and light sensitive, therefore, exhibited very rarely.
"The American watercolor in the era of Homer and Sargent"gathered more than 170 works from public and private collections across the country.
Landscapes, figures, still lifes, portraits and genre scenes immerse the viewer in a world full of life and bright colors.
Winslow Homer, John La Fardzh, George iness, Maxfield Parrish, John singer Sargent, Edvar Hopper and many other artists his paintings tell visitors extraordinary American story in rich and compelling detail.
This is one of the largest exhibitions of such areas in the U.S. over the previous 40 years.