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"Magic embroidery"

Exhibition 13 − March 31, 2015
In Magnitogorsk art gallery re-opens the exhibition "the Magic of embroidery". Grand opening of the exhibition is scheduled for a happy day March 13, 2015 (Friday), 16.00. The exhibition will run until the end of March.
Russian folk embroidery is one of the most labor-intensive and distinctive types of folk art in Russia. Russian folk costume, embroidered, was a great value, it passed by inheritance. The quality of embroidery operation was achieved incredible patience, perseverance and skill of Russian embroiderers, which allowed the art of embroidery to enter modern life.
Since the beginning of the XXI century embroidery again gaining popularity, becoming an integral part of fashion. For many designers embroidered designs are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. For the purpose of revitalization and preservation of the traditions of folk art as the national heritage of Russia, the idea of the exhibition of embroidery. For four years this exhibition is held in Orsk. Having a positive experience of holding such exhibitions, "Art gallery" decided to organize an exhibition in Magnitogorsk. For the second year framing workshop and Magnitogorsk art gallery organized an exhibition of works by masters of the city.
The main purpose of the exhibition "the Magic of embroidery is to identify and support talented embroiderers of Magnitogorsk. The exhibition will enable the masters of the city to Express themselves, presenting work to the public. The opportunity to share their experiences, to see new features in the art of fabric painting thread, and showcase their talents, attracts a lot of participants and even more spectators.
The exhibition "Magic embroidery" will allow the visitor to get acquainted with the creative world of embroidery and to get inspiration for making your own creative exploits. The exhibition will include works made in the techniques of cross stitch, polylactam, ribbons, satin stitch, diamond cross, netnography. The presented works is very diverse: from portraits and landscapes to fantasy songs and icons.
The exhibition will occupy the entire second floor of the gallery and will run until the end of March. The exhibition contest people's choice award. During the exhibition visitors will be able to appreciate the works of the masters, voting for their favourite work.
Grand opening of the exhibition will be held March 13, 2015 at 16.00.
For visitors the exhibition will run from March 14 until the end of the month.

Magnitogorsk art gallery
Address: ul. Pravda, 12
Apply for information: 26-02-48, 26-01-70.
Mon-Tues, Thurs-sat: 11.00-19.00 (ticket office open until 18.30),
Wed.: 13.00-21.00 (ticket office open until 20.30)
Sunday - closed.

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