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Matisse in the Studio

Exhibition April 9 − July 9, 2017
Another great exhibition on the work of Henri Matisse has been recently opened in Boston Museum of fine arts.
"Matisse in the Studio"is not just an exhibition of paintings, and the ability to see objects that played a considerable role in the artist that influenced his choice of research area. Visitor can see a part of the personal collection of Matisse, which were kept in the Studio to compare with how I saw them in his works, the author.
The exhibition presents a large selection of major works by Matisse from different periods in his career, including 34 paintings, 26 drawings, 11 bronze, 7 applications, 3 prints and one illustrated book.
Next, for comparison, there are 39 objects, which the artist kept in his workshops. Many of them are first exhibited to the public outside of France, as they are stored in private collections.
Among the exhibits tin mug, chocolate, a gift for a wedding, Andalusian vase, found in Spain, as well as textiles, sculptures and masks made in Islamic, Asian and African traditions.
The exhibition is organized by Museum of fine arts in Boston in conjunction with the London Royal Academy of artswith the help of the Matisse Museum in nice.
The Boston exhibition is presented until 9 July and then will be exhibited in London from 5 August to 12 November.