FINE ART - 25 years in art

Exhibition April 17 − May 17, 2017
In April 2017 will mark 25 years of the Gallery "fine Art". A lot or a little? The gallery owners believe they are entering a period of Mature youth. "Fine Art" - one of the first galleries in the country, before the gallery business did not exist at all. Almost all occurred in those years in Moscow galleries have now disappeared, which indicates the complexity of this business in Russia. In reality art Gallery – it's not even a business but a way of life, the service excellent, the only way success comes. 17 April planned a modest celebration on this occasion, the Gallery, the big anniversary project will be held in 2018 on Gogol 10 at the Moscow Museum of modern art.

Over the years the Gallery has collaborated with more than 100 artists. It is with sadness that we remember the past life of Igor Vulokh (1938 – 2012), Eduard Gorokhovsky (1929 – 2004), Alexander Tumanov (19049 – 2013), Lev Kropivnitsky (1922 – 1994), to cooperate with whom have been extremely happy. The legacy of I. Vulokh and E. Gorokhovskiy Gallery continues to pursue with their loved ones.

Developing the concept of the Gallery, we decided not to break with the traditional rendering and do not change the "plastic values," we also believed that art should not be dependent on social and political issues, the construction of the "ivory tower", "art for art's sake" - that's the essence of our activities. We sharply differed from other galleries. You could say we created the Great style in modern art. However, our projects were of great interest from the critics and the press, heated debates and publications.

The most important task of our activities from the first day – the creation of the Russian art market for contemporary art. The first buyers of contemporary art were banks and corporations, but the noticeable growth of the art market began after 2002, when private customers began to create their collections. "Fine Art" participated in the formation of a number of major collections, for instance, I. Markina Museum АRT4.RU Fund of culture "Ekaterina", A. chehova - "New Museum", V. Bondarenko, M. Tsareva, O. St., Ryabova

The sphere of interests of the Gallery - painting, graphics, sculpture, photography, video, object, installation, performance in the context of contemporary art. The gallery has held more than 250 exhibitions, including at the Museum of contemporary art (exhibition "self-Portrait", 2009, "Holidays", Dmitry Shorin, 2011), the State Russian Museum (Personal exhibition of Dmitry Shorin in 2008, Eduard Gorokhovsky "the Boundaries of the rectangle - my unlimited space", 2004). The gallery participates in fairs in Russia and abroad, in international projects, auctions Sotheby's, Phillips de Pury, promoting the inclusion of contemporary Russian art into the global context. Among the artists of "fine Art" famous masters, such as Eduard Gorokhovsky, Igor Vulokh, S., Salvin, I. Shelkovskiy, A. Grositsky, Andrei Bartenev, F. Infante, I. Chuikov, Lev Kropivnitsky, K. Zvezdochetov, Valery Koshlyakov, Vladimir Dubossarsky and Alexander Vinogradov, Dmitry Gutov, Dmitry Tsvetkov, A. Savko, Dmitry Shorin and others, as well as young authors, e.g., A. Kuznetsova-RUF, I. Korshunov, P. Polyansky, T. Smirnov, E. Belyavskaya, I. Drozd, F. Riefenstahl. The search for young talents, discover new names is one of the main purposes of the Gallery. The exhibition displays the work of artists of the Gallery. The history of the Gallery is covered in detail on its website.

Curator and gallery Director - I. Filatova, M. Obraztsova
Galleries at the exhibition