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Serial flirtations: Muse rotary

Exhibition March 3 − July 31, 2017
To the 310th anniversary of the birth of the Italian artist Pietro Rotari (1707-1762) The Norton Simon Museumprovided small the exhibitionworks of this extraordinary artist. Pietro Rotari known primarily for his series of portraits of women, numbering hundreds of paintings.
Rotary began his career in his hometown of Verona. To receive recognition, the artist traveled extensively throughout Italy, studying the work of Venetian, Roman and Neapolitan painters. In these early years he wrote mainly religious and mythological subjects.
But by 1750, when he lived in Vienna working for the Empress Maria Theresa, then in Dresden, where he was called by king Augustus III, his attention turned to the portrait.
In 1755, rotary was invited by Empress Elizabeth I to work in St. Petersburg, where he and his prolific Studio was written hundreds of images of young girls.
Eight paintings by Pietro Rotari, including his iconic "Girl writing a love letter", collected in a small rotating exhibition space of the Museum, adjacent to the entrance gallery.