Sonya Delone: in search of identity

Exhibition March 27 − April 15, 2019
In the gallery of contemporary art "Invogue # Art" in Odessa is a documentary exhibition "Sonya Delone: in search of identity". The exhibition is based on the facts of the artist’s life and work with an emphasis on her contribution to the history of art.

The viewers are presented with vintage posters from the artist’s exhibitions, prints of her works, rare books, including her autobiography, and photographs from the beginning of the twentieth century from the Central State Film and Photo Archive of Ukraine. Among the exhibits there are archival documents: a birth certificate and a marriage certificate with Wilhelm Ude, where Odessa is also the birthplace of the artist.

Sonya Delone is an Odessanian of Jewish descent, at an early age she left Ukraine for St. Petersburg and then for Paris. Sonya Delone is a figure who conquered the whole Western world with her talent. Her avant-garde ideas were embodied not only in art, but also in design, textiles, fashion, scenery for theatrical productions, etc.

“Sonya Delone became a legend in life. Much of her design projects and textile patterns continue to be issued exclusive circulations after her death. Monographs about her and albums with works are regularly published in different countries from Asia to America, ”says writer and art historian Yevgeny Demenok.