David Hockney

Exhibition February 9 − May 29, 2017
One of the largest exhibitions of David Hockney is now in the British Tate gallery in London. This English painter, draughtsman, engraver, decorator and photographer who made a significant contribution to the pop art movement of the 1960-ies, is considered one of the most influential British artists of the twentieth century.
David Hockney was a great experimenter, he is not fixed on one style. Over his life the artist changed several times, each time delighting and surprising audiences with his work.
This exhibition brought together a large list of the most famous works by David Hockney, celebrating his achievements in painting, drawing, print, photography and video for over six decades.
This year, Hockney is 80 years old, but now he is changing, looking for new ways, using new technologies in his work.
The exhibition features many works previously unknown to general public. The exposition is structured in such a way that the viewer can trace the origins of each new direction, which was used by the artist in his creative endeavours.
This is a rare chance to see all these great works in one place.
The exhibition is organized by the Tate Britain gallery in conjunction with Centre Pompidou in Paris and The Metropolitan Museum in New York.