Egon Schiele

Exhibition February 22 − June 18, 2017
Albertina Museum in Vienna opens series exhibitions - dedication to Egon Schiele, one of the best masters of European modernity. Next year will mark the hundredth anniversary of the death of the artist, who became one of the most famous and expensive in Austria.
Schiele died at the age of 28 from the Spanish, during a large-scale epidemic of 1918 that claimed millions of lives throughout Europe.
Despite such a short life and only a ten-year creative period, Egon Schiele left behind a surprisingly rich heritage. It contains, in addition to books with sketches, more than 2500 drawings and 330 paintings on wood and canvas.
Painting and graphics of Egon Schiele, marked by nervous color contrasts, sophisticatedly flexible drawing and dramatic eroticism, is a mixture of modern and expressionism. Favorite colors of the artist were the colors of autumn, the time of withering and death. Black, dark red, cherry, dark brown, brown, yellow most accurately convey and enhance the mood of the artist.
At the exhibition that opened, only 160 exhibits were presented, only the best and most famous works were selected.
The exhibition is accompanied by large photographs of that time, which create a sharp contrast between the artist’s intimate graphics and society, the reality of the world around him.