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The art of émigré artists of the twentieth century

Exhibition April 18 − May 10, 2019
In the Kiev auction house "Golden Section" is a unique exhibition "The art of émigré artists of the twentieth century". The collection includes works by Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Jewish expat artists who have received international recognition. These are the masterpieces of Natalia Goncharova, David Burliuk, Boris Pastukhov, Vasily Khmelyuk, Alexei Grishchenko, Alexander Altman, Ilya Bolotovsky, Vasily and Nikolai Krichevsky, Konstantin Vroblevsky, Peter Nilus and many others whose names are widely known in the world today. The exhibition includes about 50 works, which are collected from private collections of both Ukrainian and foreign collectors.

Among the iconic exhibits is the painting “Branches in Bloom” by avant-garde artist Natalia Goncharova, written while living in Paris in the 1940s, “Abstract Composition” (1978) by one of the founders of “American Abstractionist Artists”, by Petersburg artist Ilya Bolotovsky "Still Life with Flowers" by David Burliuk, which was published in the book "David Burliuk in America." Viewers will also be attracted to such works as “View from the Window” by Norman Barr (1940s), a 1967 piece by Morris Gluckman “Abstract Composition. Cottages in Glen Spey, New York, Sonya Levitskaya's Night City (1920s), Douarnien Gulf by Alexei Grishchenko (1930s), several pictures of the Krichevsky family — two Vasilyev (father and son) and Nikolai, The Rose Garden by Alexander Altman (1920s).

The most large-scale work of the exhibition, more than one and a half meters in size, belongs to the brush of two Odessa artists who gained popularity in Hollywood - Adam and Eve (1980s).