B. M. Kustodiyev. The photo. Painting. Graphics

Exhibition April 4 − May 26, 2019
Samara Regional Art Museum presents the exhibition "Boris Kustodiev. Photography. Painting. Graphics".

Few people know that in the early twentieth century, B. M. Kustodiev, in addition to painting, was seriously interested in photography. Most of the photographs taken by the artist belong to the brightest period of his life and work - 1902-1906 years.

In the years 1902-1903 Kustodiyev - a student of the Academy of Fine Arts, wrote the final work and meets his future wife. After graduation, the artist and his wife come to Astrakhan, Kineshma, travel along the Volga, spend a lot of time in the estate of Pavlovskoye, which belongs to the family B.K. Polenova. The artist takes many pictures of his wife, friends, his native Astrakhan, landscapes, village scenes, everyday life. Also during this period, many photos shared with my wife were made with the help of friends.

In 2009, Tatiana Kirillovna Kustodiyeva, the granddaughter of the artist - art historian, donated to the Astrakhan State Art Gallery a small album with photographs taken by B. M. Kustodiev, his wife Yulia, and family friends. Unfortunately, time has had a negative impact on the photos, many of them have been almost lost. The situation was saved by new digital technologies that allowed literally “to show” the extinct images, to make them accessible to researchers and viewers.

In total, the exhibition features 14 paintings and 120 photographic prints from the collections of museums in Russia.

The exhibition also presents the autolithographs of Kustodiev and the artist’s sketches for the opera “The Tsar's Bride” and for the play “Baba” by A.S. Neverov.

Based on the materials of the official site Samara Regional Art Museum.