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Pity and terror: the way Picasso's "Guernica"

Exhibition April 5 − September 4, 2017
In early April, the Reina Sofia in Madrid, the exhibition "Pity and terror: the way Picasso's "Guernica". This exhibition priurochen the 80th anniversary of the writing of the artist's famous anti-war painting "Guernica".
In the painting the tragic events of 26 April 1937, when German units of the Luftwaffe bombed the Spanish city of Guernica.
Pablo Picasso wrote, "Guernica" for the month by order of the government of the Spanish Republic. A huge canvas depicts the horror of the civil war in Spain, the bombing, the suffering of the people fleeing the destruction. The monochromatic color scheme makes the painting look like a newspaper photo and emphasizes the dullness and ugliness of war.
The exhibition also hosted the results of the research project "Documentary collection "Guernica", in which was collected the personal correspondence of Picasso, installations, photographs, graphic sketches, and other historical materials during the period of 1937 to 1949.
In addition to the "Guernica" the exhibition presents 150 works by Picasso from more than 30 collections from all over the world, including the Picasso Museum, The modern Tate galleryin London, Centre Georges Pompidouin Paris, New York's Museum of modern art, The Metropolitan Museum of artand the Museum Fondation Beyelerin Basel.