Romantic Paris / Romantic Germany

Exhibition May 22 − September 15, 2019
From May 22 to September 15, there will be two parallel expositions dedicated to the era of Romanticism in the Small Palace. The object of the exhibition"Romantic Paris" became the life of the French capital in the period from the fall of Napoleon to the revolution of 1848, its fashion and entertainment. Curators suggest strolling through the most iconic places of Parisian romanticism - from the Royal Palace to the New Athens cafe on Pigalle and Comedie Francaise.

Exhibition"Romantic Germany" focuses on the flowering of drawing and creative innovation from German artists. The small palace selected 150 magnificent sheets from the collection of the Weimar museums. These exhibits, which have not been exhibited before, give a fascinating review of the “golden age” of German design and the mastery of such figures as Johann Heinrich Fussli, Caspar David Friedrich and Philipp Otto Runge.