Exhibition April 20 − May 23, 2015
The idea of the project "Crimea. Return" - familiarity of the Moscow audience with the best contemporary artists of the Crimea.
The exhibition is timed to the anniversary of the return of Crimea to the Russian Federation.
This is another bridge between the Peninsula and the large country, it is part of Russian culture. Now is the time to meet again and see how we are close and similar.
"Crimea. Return" - the first exhibition project gallery "VARTES"prepared in conjunction with the creative Association "Artcrime". The exhibition will show the works of five modern Crimean artists: Novel Tretyakova,Irina Zaitseva, Viktor Panchenko, Matthias Sergei and Yuri Laptev. Each of our authors is a worthy follower of the richest artistic traditions of the Crimea. Their works have been appreciated by many art lovers, collectors and art historians.
Galleries at the exhibition