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"From selfies to self-expression"

Exhibition March 31 − May 30, 2017
In London in the gallery of Charles Saatchi held a unique exhibition "From selfies to self-expression". The exhibition occupies an entire floor and was prepared for almost 2 years. On the idea of the organizers she needs to be to show the history of a self-portrait since the seventeenth century to the contemporary selfie-culture. Before the exhibition was held a big contest selfie, which was attended by more than 14,000 photographs: they can all be seen in one of the halls.

Executive Director of the exhibition, Nigel Hurst formulated the main idea of the exhibition: "Selfie rather talks about what we want to present ourselves to the world, than about who we really are. Depends on our social status, our reputation. We want to present the ideal version of their lives – not the real ourselves, but the way in which others should believe. I think removing ourselves, we are interested in not only himself but also the world around them, embedded itself in him. We are looking for those plans, the places seem beautiful. We understand the world through communication with him."

Visitor can see – and, of course, like the works of such famous artists as Rembrandt, Van Goghand Velasquez. The organizers presented many portraits of famous people of our time - from Donald trump and Andy Warhol to Benedict Cumberbatch. Due to the large number of interactive devices in the exhibit can make their own original self-portraits: exhibits "react" to the visitor and enhance the reality of scenes.