Foad Satterfield: Famous Things

Exhibition February 28 − June 9, 2019
«Famous things, A new collection of paintings by Foad Satterfield, is a dynamic revelation, a personal and visual poem created based on his life experience and nature. In these frank narrations, Satterfield directly applies the code to his work, which he sees when he leaves the natural world. He uses these motifs as a pictorial language, as well as a strategy for solving problems of inequality, the environment and social discord. That is, Satterfield solves these pressing problems using strength, magnificence and fear associated with nature and life.

Satterfield's paintings are rich and textured, immediate and resolute. He uses purposeful, calligraphic marks and controlled mounds of pigment to weave together the aisles and patterns to create a canvas that defines space and time. Satterfield's visual linguistic research is also expressed in terms of shape and color, reflecting the basics of its working themes.