Gerhard Richter. Way

Exhibition April 20 − June 1, 2019
Exhibition of German artist Gerhard Richter "Way»Taking place in the Wako Works of Art Gallery in Tokyo. The project is based on a landscape photograph taken by the author on the shore of a forest lake.

A large-scale three-dimensional glass work “8 glass panels” was also specially reproduced, which was presented at the personal exhibition “New Striped Paintings and 8 Glass Panels” in this gallery in 2012. The artist uses glass as a material that casts doubt on the actual state of the image, as is the case with photographs. Through the relationship between the inkjet print of the landscape and glass work in space visualized the manifestation and disappearance of the image.

Richter began to create his own style from the beginning of the 60s and created both figurative, hyperrealistic and abstract works with rich colors.