Florin Stettheimer: picturing poetry

Exhibition May 5 − September 24, 2017
Another exhibition, another talented American artist provides us with the city of new York. Jewish Museum invites to visit the exhibition Stettheimer Florine (1871-1944). Over the last 20 years, this is the first major exhibition of such an extraordinary artist.
Born into a wealthy Jewish family in Rochester, Stettheimer studied at the art students League artists in new York and then to Europe, where she was deeply influenced by the artists of the symbolist poets and Russian ballet.
In 1916 in the new York Gallery Knodlerom Company and held her first solo exhibition. Unfortunately, she had no great success – of the 12 paintings no one failed to sell. Therefore, Stettheimer decided solo exhibitions no longer to arrange.
The exhibition "Florine Stettheimer: picturing poetry"includes more than 50 paintings and drawings as well as costumes, theatrical designs, photographs, video installations and seven verses of the artist.
The Jewish Museum presents the work of Stettheimer in the context of the social and intellectual environment of new York of the early twentieth century, analyzing the position of the artist as an American modernist whose work is reflective of the popular culture of the time. The exhibition explores the unique art style Florin Stettheimer, her position as the liaison between the groups within the art world of new York and its ongoing effect on artistic practice today.
The exhibition is organized The Jewish Museum in new Yorkand Art gallery of Ontarioin Toronto.

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Information about the exhibition, photographs taken from the official site of the Jewish Museum in new York.
Video James Calma.