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The exhibition "Odessa nonconformists"

Exhibition 3 − May 21, 2017
In Kiev Dymchuk Gallerypresents the exhibition "Odessa non-conformists" which presents the work of Valery Basanets, Volodymyr Strelnikov, Evgeny Rachmaninoff, Victor Marinyuk, Oleg Voloshinov, Alexander Trunk, Volodymyr Tsiupko, Basil Garden, Sergei Savchenko. The authors cover the period from the 70-ies of the last century until 2000. All participants, in varying degrees, belong to the later period of Soviet unofficial art in Odessa, called the period of the Odessa non-conformism. This trend has become popular among Odessa painters after may 8, 1967, a few artists presented their paintings right on the fence in the center of the city.

"We chose the name of non-conformism, and not underground or dissidence, although it was both: the underground – our works could not stand, and dissent, as we stangarone belonged to what was happening in the country. But special emphasis against the government in our creative work was not, we did something in defiance of the regime, as it was in Moscow. For us the main thing was to develop the language, use it to fill a gap in the history of art from 1930 to 1960, to revive what has been lost by artificial means. We did what we wanted, and this is important." - says one of the participants of the Kiev show Victor Marinyuk.

Individually to a greater or lesser extent, all the artists-nonconformists were critical towards the Soviet ideology as a whole. However, it did not become for them a basis for conscious policy-oriented interventions. These efforts have focused on other — the development of non-Soviet, not clichéd socialist realism cliches of art. At the same time, their creative "fermentation" was so energetically powerful and strong that it attracted the attention of not only ardent opponents but to those who, by contrast, sympathized with the emergence of innovative ideas, who are spiritually derived support for in this atmosphere, needed, like a breath of fresh air.

Among those who were interested in creative searches of young modernists - nonconformists, there was a lot of artists, often very different among themselves. The exhibition in Kiev gives an inquisitive visitor an idea about this interesting community of artists