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Ross Lovegrove. The power and beauty of organic design.

Exhibition April 12 − July 3, 2017
This year Center Pompidoucelebrates its 40th anniversary and it would be strange if the European legislator of the newest in modern art did not please his admirers. Within the framework of a series of exhibitions under the general title “Mutations / Creations,” one of the gurus of modern design is the first to present his work. Ross lovegrove.

Briton Lovegrove adheres to the concept, which he himself defines as "organic necessity". In his work, the designer combines natural forms and motifs with the latest materials and technologies. Natural curiosity, inexhaustible energy, thirst for novelty and constant readiness for bold experiments make Lovegrove one of the brightest and most controversial figures in the organic design segment.
Ross Lovegrove’s customers include Ross Lovegrove, such as Moroso, Kartell, Driade, Cappellini, British Airways, Phillips, Apple, Luceplan, Tag Heuer, Herman Miller ”,“ Knoll International ”,“ Luis Vutton ”,“ Ceccotti ”,“ Sony ”and several others.

“I admire the wildness with which nature grows something, being completely unlimited in forms. These interrelated forms, they inspire me to everything that I do. Although sometimes in the end it turns out something incredibly simple. ”- said Ross Lovegrove talking about his work. “I'm not a scientist and I work intuvino. It is important for me to decipher my DNA (DNA - Design-Nature-Art). Design, Nature, Art - these three spheres define my world. "

The exhibition at the Pompidou Center presents the most famous works and concepts of the author.