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Exhibition November 2, 2018 − August 18
A look at me: self portraits from 1900 to today
National Portrait Gallery presents the exhibition “A look at me: self-portraits from 1900 to today”.

Based on an extensive collection of self-portraits of the National Portrait Gallery, this exhibition will tell how American artists have portrayed themselves since the beginning of the last century.

Since people encounter a selfie every day through social networks and continue to study the fluidity of modern identity, this is the right time to re-evaluate the meaning of self-portrait in relation to the country's history and culture.

The exhibition features over 75 works by artists such as Joseph Albers, Patricia Cronin, Imogen Cunningham, Elaine de Kooning, Edward Hopper, Joan Jonas, Jacob Lawrence, Alice Neale, Louise Nevelson, Diego Rivera, Lucas Samaras, Fritz Scholder, Roger Schimomura, Shakhzia Sikander, Martin Wong and others.

This exhibition completes the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Portrait Gallery.

Based on the materials of the official site National Portrait Gallery.
Все работы на выставке