Alexander Atonyuk. Presence fingerprint

Exhibition May 16 − June 2, 2019
Gallery "Portal 11" in Kiev presents the exhibition of Alexander Antonyuk "Presence fingerprint". The artist reproduces the landscape in an abstract manner with the addition of individual details, which hints at the presence of the landscape and the man-made remnants of a human stay.

The Fingerprint Project is designed to explore nature. Artifacts in the form of buildings, abandoned industrial buildings or existing factories are superimposed on a vibrating natural surface. The artificiality of these objects created by man is emphasized by stylization, collage technique, scratching, and the imposition of various textures. The author notes that humanity, actively trying to conquer the world by industrialization, constantly leaves signs of its activity, without noticing how their value is leveled by time.

Oleksandr Atonyuk participates in national exhibitions, festivals and international open-airs. His works are kept in the Zaporizhzhya National Museum, the Zaporozhye Museum of Pottery, the Kharkov National Museum, the Dnepropetrovsk Museum of Ukrainian Painting, and also in private collections in France, Poland, China, the Czech Republic, and Russia.

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