Ivan Shishkin. To 185 anniversary of the birth of

Exhibition March 15 − May 28, 2017
In the Museum and exhibition complex of the Moscow region "New Jerusalem" is exhibition one of the most famous Russian landscape painters Ivan Shishkin. It is dedicated to the 185 anniversary from the birthday of the outstanding painter.
Shishkin is often called one of the strongest landscape painters of the nineteenth century. His work is so realistic and accurate that it seems another minute and the picture will come to life: the wind blows, rustles the leaves and to the audience will hear the unique smell of the forest.
The exhibition consists of 20 paintings, written in the 1860s – 1890s. Among them: "Swiss landscape" (1866), "Mast timber in Vyatka province" (1872), Rye (1878), "the Fir tree forest in winter" (1884), "the country (About giving)" (1894), "the Sestroretsk Bor" (1896) and others.
These works Shishkin, little known to the General public, but, nevertheless, they fully disclose the depth of the master, his basic principle in painting: no approximations, but the exact transfer of the outside world. No wonder Shishkin paintings called "portraits of nature".
The project was implemented jointly with the State Museum of fine arts of the Republic of Tatarstan, serpuhovskiy Museum of history and arts, Khimki art gallery. S. N. Gorshina, Nizhny Novgorod state art Museum.

Used materials from the official site Museum and exhibition complex of the Moscow region "New Jerusalem".
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