Alexander Sukholit. Contemporaries

Exhibition 20 − May 26, 2019
Gallery Bereznitsky Art Foundation presents in the framework of Kyiv Art Week 2019 a personal exhibition of Alexander Sukholit “Contemporaries". The work of the author to an intellectual philosophical statement. The master is not limited to the framework of sculpture, he tried all genres and techniques: painting, graphics (engraving on copper, the technique of "dry needles"), he creates bronze, plaster reliefs, sometimes polychrome.

“This is not just a form, but a spirit expressed by lines and color. I touch the archaic in order to live in this primary spiritual state, ”the sculptor notes.

Alexander Sukholit was born in 1960 in Chernihiv region. He graduated from the Uzhgorod School of Decorative and Applied Arts, Kiev State Art Institute. Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. He lives and works in Kiev. The artist's works are in private collections in Ukraine, Great Britain, USA, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Hungary, Croatia, Germany, Russia, Canada.