Hunt Slonem. The exotic world of Hunt Slonem

Exhibition 1 − June 16, 2019
The National Museum “Kiev Art Gallery” together with Serge Sorokko Gallery (San Francisco, USA) present a large-scale exhibition project of the American artist Hunt Slonem “The exotic world of Hunt Slonem".
The exhibition includes paintings from the famous animalistic and portrait cycles of the artist. Butterflies, birds, flowers depicted on canvases are a reference to the experience of life in Hawaii and in Nicaragua.

“We are very pleased to present for the first time to the Ukrainian audience an exhibition of the famous American artist, sculptor and graphic artist Hunt Slonem. His works are well-known all over the world and this year they will be presented in Ukraine. I know Hunt Slonem for over 20 years. His works are expressive works of art in which elements of pop art are combined with figurative expressionism, ”says Serge Sorokko.

Serge Sorokko Gallery was founded in 1984 in San Francisco. Over the years of its existence, she has hosted the work of such famous artists as Damien Hirst, Sol Le Witt, Donald Sultan, Ross Blekner, Sean Scully, Anthony Tapies and Yannis Cunellis. Gallery is the organizer of the first exhibitions of Khanta Slonem in the countries of the former Soviet Union.