Alexei Stepanovich Stepanov. Paintings and drawings from private collections

Exhibition April 26 − August 26, 2017
The following 2018 marks the 160 anniversary of the birth of another great Russian artist Alexei Stepanovich Stepanov. In anticipation of this date, the gallery "Daev 33" holds an exhibition of his works from private collections of Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Alexei Stepanovich Stepanov (1858 — 1923) — Russian painter, graphic artist, academician of the Imperial Academy of arts, member of the Association of traveling art exhibitions, one of the founders of the "Union of Russian artists".
Now creativity Stepanova is forgotten undeservedly. But his work in no way inferior to works of his more famous contemporaries, many of whom he studied together and were friends. Among them Isaac Levitan, Konstantin Korovin, Mikhail Nesterov and others subsequently famous Russian artists.
Only the exhibition in the gallery "Daev 33" consists of 45 paintings and graphic works of the artist. The gem of this collection is undoubtedly the painting "the Swing", from 1924, were in the Museum of the Carnegie Institute in the United States, and recently returned to Russia. Also of great interest is the painting "Buddies", an early work, written by Stepanov in the years of study at the Moscow school of painting, "Ho-Ho!", "March", "the arrival in the village", "cranberry Pickers" and others. Outwardly simple landscapes and scenes of hunting and rural life, but one can see the love and craftsmanship Stepanov moves to the canvas that it is expensive. And, of course, a large place among the exhibits is the animals – moose, wolves, dogs, horses in the image which are particularly successful artist.

Materials gallery of arts "Daev-33".