Geniuses of Russian abroad. Return names

Exhibition May 31 − July 28, 2019
Ekaterinburg Gallery of Modern Art presents an exhibition “Geniuses of the Russian abroad. Return Names ».

The unique exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to see the originals of the graphic works of 10 artists from Russia, whom the whole world knows.

All the artists represented at the exhibition were born in Russia, but for one reason or another they left their homeland, and fame came to them abroad. Each of them contributed to world art and to the cultural revolution in Europe.

Kandinsky, Chagall, Alekseev, Lanskoy, Goncharov, Pugni, Grekov, Tereshkovich, Delone, Pozhidaev - the works of these artists are exhibited in the leading museums of the world, but some names have not become famous in Russia. Together they represent the phenomenon of Russian emigre.

In total, the exhibition displays about 100 paintings from the collection of Mark Bashmakov.

Based on the materials of the official site Ekaterinburg Gallery of Modern Art.