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Exhibition June 6 − September 8, 2019
Natalia Goncharova in Tate Modern
Tate Modern Gallery in London presentsfirst retrospective Russian artist Natalia Goncharova in the UK. Most of the works have never been seen in this country before.

Goncharova received recognition at the beginning of her career. At the age of only 32 years, she established herself as the leader of the Russian avant-garde, held a large exhibition in Moscow in 1913, and then moved to France, where she created costumes and decorations for Russian Ballets by Sergei Diaghilev. In Paris, the artist remained until the end of her life, becoming a key figure in the artistic scene of the city.

Creativity Goncharova was huge, wide and sometimes controversial. She showed Moscow streets, futuristic body art and created monumental religious paintings, took part in avant-garde cinema, experimented with the design of books and designed clothes for fashion houses in Moscow and Paris.

Goncharova's bold and innovative work influenced the art movements of the 20th century and surpassed them. The exhibition presents a variety of sources of inspiration for the artist - from Russian folk art and textiles to the latest trends of modernism and not only.