Gary Hume. Sight and vision

Exhibition June 5 − August 4, 2019
In Seoul, the Barakat Contemporary Gallery holds the first in Korea solo exhibition by British artist Gary Hume.
The exhibition is called "Sight and vision“Where the“ sight ”refers to the sensual and physical act of observing something, and the“ vision ”encompasses our perception and interpretation of the object. The master says that people usually do not see the object, they close their eyes, perceiving it from the point of view of ideas that they already have, and move on.

The author is well known for the brilliant colors and smooth surfaces of his works, which are made of gloss paint on aluminum panels. His work covers a variety of topics. By cutting, expanding and simplifying the images of his objects, he creates a completely new artistic language.

Gary Hume was born in 1962 in Kent, United Kingdom. He currently lives in London and in Accord, New York. Member of the organization "Young British Artists" (YBA). In 2001, he was elected an artist at the Royal Academy of Arts.