Anastasia Poderevyanskaya and Alexander Smirnov. DOCUMENTO ESSE

Exhibition June 21 − July 16, 2019
The Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art Korsakov presents an exhibition project of Kiev residents Anastasia Poderevyanskaya and Alexander Smirnov “DOCUMENTO ESSE". The works of two modern young artists are striking in their original expressive language, unexpected stylistic gestures and articulation. The cradle that Alexander created for his son became one of the central objects of the sculptural part of the exhibition.

“Our series of works are certain questions for oneself. Life is filled with many meanings and episodes that encourage reflection. But artwork is not the final answer, but just a contemplation of life situations, ”explains the sculptor Alexander Smirnov.

The duet takes an active part in national and international exhibitions. Members of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Presented their work in Germany, the Netherlands, Macedonia, Poland.