Pre-Raphaelites. Love and desire

Exhibition June 19 − October 6, 2019
The exhibition “Pre-Raphaelites. Love and Desire ”at the Royal Palace of Milan, organized in collaboration with the London Tate Britain Gallery. The exhibition presents about 80 works, including several iconic paintings, which rarely leave England. For example, this is “Ophelia” by John Everett Millet, “Love for April” by Arthur Hughes, “Lady Shalott” by John William Waterhouse.

The exhibition opens to viewers the universe of art and values of 18 pre-Raphaelite artists and tells all the poetics of this movement through the masterpieces of the famous Tate collection: from love and desire to loyalty to nature and its exact reproduction; to medieval stories, poetry, myths, beauty in all its forms.

The works are presented on thematic sections that trace the goals and ideals of this movement, the styles of different artists, the importance of the graphic element and the spirit of cooperation, which was a fundamental element of pre-Raphaelism.