And the earth and the sky

Exhibition May 22 − September 20, 2019
In the State Museum-Reserve "Tsarskoye Selo" an exhibition of Nelli Petrova "And the earth and the sky".

Nelli Lvovna Petrova (1949) - porcelain painting artist, one of the few in Russia master of underglaze portrait, sculptor, chief artist of the Imperial Porcelain Factory, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts.

In the Stasovsky Hall of the Catherine Palace, visitors can see about 200 objects created by Nelli Petrova, including figurative compositions, fantastic art objects, Tsarskoye Selo hare-aesthetic.

The exhibition is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the artist, and also complements the series of anniversaries, which this year marks the Imperial Porcelain Factory: 275 years since the founding of Russia's first porcelain production; The 75th anniversary of the famous “Cobalt Net” porcelain pattern and the 50th anniversary of the start of the industrial production of domestic bone china.

According to the official siteState Museum-Reserve "Tsarskoye Selo".