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Gallery "On Kashirka" Association "Exhibition Halls of Moscow" invites you to the exhibition of Vladimir Portyanogo "Theater of Painting"covering the 40th anniversary of his creative journey.

The exhibition will feature: paintings, installations, collages, computer graphics, theatrical masks, posters. Viewers can see the most different works of the author, have already become famous and written recently.

In the "Theater of Painting" Vladimir Portayanoy, in addition to the main role of the artist, tries on the role of the director. The static of classical hanging is opposed to a game with paradoxes of spatial thinking, a departure from the canons of easel painting and going beyond the canvas plane into three-dimensional objects-installations. The feeling of theatricality is enhanced by the play of light, which turns fictional characters into mysterious, alluring, timeless images.

Prepared on the materials of the gallery site "On Kashirka".